Behind the scenes of my final assignment

This post is a tutorial for how I created all of the media for my final assignment. First, let’s start with the iPhone 8 billboard. The first step was to choose an image that someone made as a representation of what the iPhone 8 might look like. After that, use the text tool to write something pertaining to the image. In this case, I just chose to do “iPhone 8” and keep it simple because that is what most apple billboards do.

And really that is about it! Just head up to File -> Save As and save it as whatever file type you want. I chose JPEG for this example.

Next I worked on some audio media for this assignment. So open up audacity and import all of the sound files that you want to use for this. Once they are imported, use the move tool to slide all of the sounds to where you want them to happen. I left two of the sounds overlapping because I wanted them to play at the same time. This is how you hear him walking, and hear the city sounds at the same time. It should look something like this:

Next, highlight all of the tracks (CTRL + a)  and go to Tracks -> Mix and Render. This will combine all of your individual tracks into one big track.

And you are done! Just head up to File -> Export Audio. Give it a name and choose what file format you want. I chose .wav for this example.

The next piece of media I made was an animated gif. For this I actually used an online tool called “”. For this website I found a useful trick which is to not import multiple gif’s at once. If you are combining a couple gif’s into one, import them in the order that you want to see them in your final gif. So head to the website, and click upload images, but follow the trick I just said.

Next you can scroll down and either rearrange the gif’s if you want to change the order that the gif’s are in or if you want to change the duration that they show up for.

Finally, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click the Create Animation button. Then you can download your animated gif!

Finally I made a photo based off of a past assignment in which you take an image of an eye and Photoshop something into it as if it was a reflection. The first is to find an image of an eye and an image of something to put in it. Open the image of the eye first, this will make it your background. And then drag and drop the image you want to reflect into Photoshop. It should look something like this:

Next, before resizing your image, it is useful to click the button that maintains your aspect ratio. This means that when you make your image smaller, it will stay the same shape and not flatten out or get really thin.

Next, you can resize the image and rotate is as you wish. Make it look like it is reflecting off of their eye. If you accidentally click away, the keyboard shortcut to transform an image is CTRL + t. When you like the size and location of the image, hit ENTER to place it.

Next, to make it more like a reflection, we need to lower the opacity of the image. This makes it more see-through. To do this, click on opacity and drag the slider to the left until you are happy with it. See the image below:

And you are done! You can follow the same exporting process as the billboard picture. Just go to File -> Save As, pick the filename and file type and you are good to go. And that is it! That is how you create all of the media for my final assignment. This class has been a blast. I can’t wait to use all of the media tools that I have learned in the future.

The Life Of A Phone

This story is told from the eyes of something that we take for granted every day. The humble smart phone. Most smart phones love their owners. The owners take them for walks, they feed them electricity, and they constantly play with them. They are constantly paraded around and being upgraded by large companies. Everyone seeks to have the perfect smartphone and these phones love the attention. This story begins with a smartphone, we will call him Tim as to not take sides. One beautiful summer day in New York, Tim and his owner started the day as they always did; With a run through the city. Now Tim’s owner did not have a holder for his phone so he was always held in hand. As they began approaching 44th street, Tim could start to see all the bright lights and billboards that Time Square is so notorious for. Among some of the biggest board were companies like Nike, Chevrolet, and of course, Apple. Tim’s owner took a brief jogging break to admire the advertising conglomeration. And then he saw it. The billboard to end all billboards. It was an apple billboard finally announcing the release of the iPhone 8. Tim looked up in horror to see his newer, sleeker cousin, soon to be released.

And just like that they continued the run. The approached 59th street and entered on the east side of the park, right by the 5th avenue apple store. Again, Tim’s pit in his stomach grew deeper as he saw yet another advertisement for his upcoming demise. They finally make it to the Bethesda fountain, which was decided to be the turnaround point of the run. As they began jogging home, Tim began buzzing with excitement. A text message had come in. As soon as Tim’s owner glanced down and began reading it, it happened.

SMACK! Tim’s owner ran right into another jogger while reading his text and Tim went flying. He soared out of his owner’s hand and tumbled through the air. There was a loud smack as glass his cement. Then it all began to go black. Tim could feel the cracks in his glass spreading and his screen slowly got more and more dim, until finally, it all went black. Tim’s owner picked up his lifeless body and looked in horror at what he had done. He begin frantically thinking of what to do, and then it finally hit him. Just a few minutes ago he had passed the 5th Ave Apple store. If there was any place in the world that could fix him, that would be the place! He ran over there as fast as his legs could carry him, making sure to not damage Tim anymore than he had already done. He burst through the doors, descended the stairs and ran to the help desk. They looked at Tim and immediately rushed him back for emergency surgery. They operated on him for what seemed like hours, but in the end, he came out as good as new!

Tim was so happy to be reunited with his owner. He was buzzing with excitement from all of the notifications he had missed. Right there in the store Tim’s owner bought a new LifeProof case to keep him safe. It fit like a glove and Tim felt better than ever. Still to this day Tim and his owner are quite the dynamic duo, jogging all over the city and Tim providing valuable information to his owner. You can even see the reflection of Tim in his owners eye from time to time!

And that is the story of Tim, the smartphone who suffered a catastrophic injury, but came back stronger than ever.

The End.