Reverse Audio Quiz

For the second assignment of the week, I decided to do one where I take a song, reverse it, and take a small snippet (30 seconds), and see if someone can guess what song it is! My thinking was to choose a song the has very level high and low peaks. That way, if it is reversed, it will be pretty hard to tell just off of the instruments. So the first thing I did was to pick a song (in this case I can’t tell you which one it is!). I then opened the mp3 file in Audacity. Go up to the Effects tab and choose “reverse.”

Audacity will automatically reverse the song for you and then highlight the sections of the song you want to cut away and click the scissors icon. Cut it so you get it down to 30 seconds and that’s it. See if you can figure out what song it is! I will post the soundcloud link to the original song underneath the reversed song if you want to her what it was!