Rainy Day Mix Tape

The last assignment I chose to do this week was to make a mixtape of my choice. The day was rather gloomy and I wasn’t feeling the best so I decided to make a rainy day mixtape. The theme of these songs were slow, lots of piano or acoustic instruments, but some have an uplifting end to them. So they will fit the mood of the rain, but will pick you up a bit so you are not sad!


  1. Bon Iver – Skinny Love: Definitely a slow and kinda sad song. But it is an acoustic classic and I could not have an acoustic playlist without it!
  2. James Bay – Stealing Cars: Another acoustic icon. Slow tempo but an aggressive lyric pattern. Talks about being rebellious and having fun.
  3. Bill West – Knocking on heavens door: I’ve always loved the original of this song. Then one day I found this acoustic version so that is how it ended up making the cut!
  4. Maddi Jane – Secrets: This is another song like the previous. Ever since I heard the original by one republic, I fell in love with the song. The strings are just so powerful. And this acoustic version is no exception!
  5. Matt The Electrician – Jesse’s Girl: Another cover of a fairly popular song. I really couldn’t decide if to include this for I could not chose if this song was sad or happy. I feel like it starts out fairly sad but then gets more and more upbeat. Either way, a great song for the theme.
  6. Mike Posner – Buried in Detroit: This song is one of my favorites from Mike. It is a very loose biography for him and overall just a great song. Between the lyrics and the piano it needed to be in the mix tape.
  7. The Fray – Cable Car: This song gets a lot of flack for reasons I will never understand. I think that it is quite the contradiction as the lyrics are actually pretty sad when you listen to them but the tempo is quite fast.
  8. Mike Posner – I took a pill in Ibiza: Another Mike Posner song?! Yes, suck it up. Everyone has heard the wildly popular radio version of this song but this original version is 5,000x better. With the acoustics you really feel the song much more.
  9. Madilyn Bailey – Radioactive: Finally, we have a great song from Imagine Dragons, however it was a bit too fast for this playlist. So instead I went with Madilyn’s acoustic version. A great rendering of the original. Gives great meaning to the lyrics.

To do this project, the method will always remain the same but you can pick and choose what songs to put in. First start by picking your songs (I would say no more than 10, unless you want a really long mix tape), and download the mp3 versions of them. Import all of those mp3’s into Audacity and drag them up and down to the order that you want to hear the songs in. Next, use the move tool to move the start of the next song to the end of the previous. This is so when one song ends, the next will begin and they are not all playing at once. It should look something like this:

Next, highlight all of the tracks (ctrl + a) and go up to the tracks tab. Choose mix and render. This will combine all of the tracks into one single track, with all of your songs back to back.

When you’re all done, it should look something like this:

And that’s it! You have your mix tape and the great thing is you are totally in control of the tone of your tape. You can make it sad or happy. Rap or rock. Whatever you want! You can listen to my rainy day mixed tape here: