Are We There Yet?

For my required assignment this week, I had to take an existing picture and change the environment in which it was happening. For me, this assignment was more of a learning process than anything else. First I had to take the original image (which is a picture of 3 of my friends) and remove the background. I used a mixture of the magic eraser and background eraser tools in Photoshop to do this. This was tough though because the magic eraser makes a kind of educated guess about what is actually the background. If your background is not pure white, it will usually make a mistake somewhere. So next I had to use the regular eraser and zoom in very close to the image to remove all the stuff that the magic eraser could not get. Next I put something different in the background and that’s about it! In this case I thought it would be funny to have something in the background that you would not expect. I was searching around and found this pic where the bear looked like he was waving and thought it was perfect! In the future I may not use the magic eraser at all. You can see where it deleted his hand a bit and avoiding the magic eraser would alleviate this issue. My friends were posing for a picture and now they have a visitor in the background!

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