Contradiction Creation

This was the third assignment that I chose to do. This was another one that was relatively easy to do in Photoshop. First I chose a background, in this case it was a peaceful beach. Then I simply used the text tool to place text on top of the background. The design around this assignment was to create a stark contrast between the two things. The first was the background. I picked a beach which most people have fond memories of. The image has cool and calming colors in it which help add to the calming nature of it. When I think of serenity I think of sitting at the beach listening to waves crash. Then I put some text on top of it which completely contradicts the background. In this instance, I chose “You have so much work to do” (which is completely true!). The worry of having work to do and the stress it adds contradicts the calming nature of the beach.

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  1. I love the contradiction you created for this assignment. This is how I felt all week when I would think about this class.

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