Design Blitz Analysis

So this week our assignment was to keep our camera with us as we went about our business and to take pictures of things that represent specific design elements. This assignment was very fun and really gave me a good appreciation of the design elements because we had all week to look for them. So first things first, lets look at the four images I took.

So lets look at color first. This example was found as I was driving around Fredericksburg, and saw this person driving their R8. You wouldn’t even have to paint this car and it would still be a beautiful piece of German engineering but lucky for us it was a perfect pearl white. And Audi does a very interesting thing with this car and that is that the whole body of the car is one color, except for the side scoops by the doors. This (along with the body style), give it a very aggressive look. Also, since the scoops are closer to the back of the car than they are the back, it draws the viewers eye from the headlights towards the back, making you appreciate the whole car. That makes this a very effective use of color.

The second example came from what seems to be my daily trips to Target. I’ve been shopping there for many years and yet, I had never come to the realization (maybe I just didn’t care enough) that the Target logo is actually a target. The logo is designed to be a metaphor. Target wants to be your “target” for all of your shopping needs. And that was amazing to me. We never really think about the meaning behind logos but this unit has really made me think about that. I mean, if I showed you this image:

you would know immediately what store it was because we subconsciously look at it all the time and associate it with Target. That is why the Target logo is an amazingly effective at providing metaphors..

The next image was developed as I was sitting on the couch watching a nationals game. The image is of an Apple TV remote but this idea really applies to a lot of Apple’s products. A ton of apples designs are based around minimalism and making the most use of the space they have. The aluminum bodies and thin footprint of all of their products are a great example of this minimalism. They really show how something small and minimalistic can be extremely effective and I believe that marketing is partly why they are so successful.

The final image for the week I got when I was driving home for the weekend. This is actually an image from the drivers seat perspective of my dashboard. I believe Chevy does a great job of putting balance in not just mine, but a lot of their vehicles. The way the speedometer and tachometer are balanced on each side of the dash give it a very clean look. It is not busy, but it provides a great amount of information, therefore creating balance. So I can say that this balance in cars, makes marketing and selling them based on balance so effective.

Overall, this assignment was a very eye opening experience. Driving around and seeing so many design elements all around me was very cool. And moving forward I know have the tools to break down certain design choices and infer as to why companies went with them.

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