DS 106 Wallpaper

For my final assignment I chose to make a DS 106 wallpaper (I actually chose to do 3). My wallpaper aesthetic is very minimalist and clean. I love high resolution wallpapers with not much going on. I don’t like to busy my work space.  So my thought process was to create these wallpapers with that in mind. As far as creating them, I basically took a 4k resolution wallpaper from a google search. Something clean and simple, then chose a very clean font. In this case it was “century gothic”. And in Photoshop I just added some text related to the class somewhere in the image where it would catch the viewers eye, but not distract from the image as a whole. The only trick to the mountain one is to put the bottom of the text a little bit below the peaks of the mountains, and then just use the eraser tool to remove the bottom of the text. This gives it the illusion that it is in the background. Enjoy!

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  1. I totally agree with you; I like more minimalist backgrounds. I think you chose a great font and color for the photos you used. You also placed the words in spots where it wouldn’t be blocking the foreground of the photo, but where the viewer’s eye was naturally drawn to them.

    Nice work!

  2. I had seen this design assignment and was so close to choosing it, but it’s awesome to see someone who actually did it. I definitely appreciate the minimalist approach; it’s very clean and calming. I also like how the placement of the DS106 provides a sense of depth.

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