Moon Graffiti

This post was amazing to listen to. The first thing I did when I clicked on the link was read the description. It talked about how this podcast was based on a real speech that was written for Nixon, to be read in case the astronauts never made it to the moon. In this “story”, the astronauts crashed upon their descent to the moon. The production value of this podcast was insane. There were a couple voices talking at the same time as if they were astronauts on Apollo 11. The background sound effects line up perfectly from the radio crackles to the beeps on the ship to the crash. As we continue, there is even more background sounds as he speaks. Right at the 2:00 mark, a very eerie track begins as he talks about what could have happened. The “story” picks up again with more communication between the astronauts. The story that is told is made 200x better by the background noise. At the end, when Nixon is reading his speech, there is a creeping background noise that feels like it’s building to a certain scare. Again this just adds to the overall super creepy feeling of the story. By just reading that story on a page, we get a sense of danger and thrill, but by listening to it, the author can “guide” our thinking by adding certain background noise here or there. Space is already a very eerie place by nature of its vastness, but telling stories like this in the way that they told it makes it that much creepier!

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