ScottLo & Ted Radio Hour

It was so interesting the use of background music in addition to the commentary. The selection started out by introducing the subject of the talk (Sherry Turkle). They introduce her without any background music. Then when they started telling the story, the background music started. They paired the happy moments in the story and the excitement of the robot with very happy, upbeat music. And the suspense builds, assuming that we are leading to a peak moment when something magical happens, then you are hit with a curve ball. Sherry says she felt sad and the music stopped as if it had hit a brick wall. Her reaction did not make sense at the time and the stop in music made it much more dramatic. The music that follows is more inquisitive. It begs for questions and continuation. It amazed me how useful the background music was when telling this story. I got more and more invested as the music kept elevating suspense. And then when it stopped it was like I had to hold my breath to see what was going to happen. I definitely have to look out more and pay attention to music when listening to future radio shows.

The first thing I wanna say about this is that this mans voice is mesmerizing. And I think that is a huge part of radio and success on audio storytelling. If people don’t mind listening to your voice and you have something to say, they will listen. He also brings up the point that he tries to keep the show he does short. And I think that is another huge part of audio in this day and age. With the fast paced style of society these days, people don’t have time to listen to a 6 hour radio show. By keeping them short and to the point, it keeps people more interested in what he has to say. They will gladly sit down for 5-15 minutes as opposed to hours. I loved episode 8 when he broke down a bunch of the sound effect stories. It was cool to hear a bunch of peoples stories but it was also very interesting hearing his breakdown of them. He really gave me an appreciation for how effective oral storytelling can be. By telling someone a story, you are sharing an experience with them and helping them to build a picture in their head which is really a sensation exclusive to radio. Therefore, it will stick around for quite a while.

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