Start of week 3 reflection

To start off this week we looked at two titans of the industry, Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad. The first couple videos I watch were from an interview with Ira where he describes his craft. One thing that really stuck out to me was from the first interview. He was talking about how different written and oral storytelling are. With written story telling, you have a topic sentence followed by facts which form an outline. He then talks about audio story telling and the outline is completely different. The first “building block” is the anecdote. Some kind of story or sequence of events that gives momentum to your story. Then after this is the moment of reflection. This is really the “why?”. This explains why you are listening to the story and gets you thinking about it. In an interview with Jad, he describes radio as a sort of “co-authorship”. I found this perspective on radio very interesting and one that I am agreeing more and more with. If somebody describes something to you, they can be as descriptive as they want, yet you are the one making the image in your head. They are providing a starting point and some vague details, but you are the one actually building the drawing in your head. And I find that very cool. I believe that is why radio is still around because no other form of information (other than books really) does that for you. TV just shows you the item. There is no room for creativity. They show you what it is and that is what you accept. So I have learned that to tell a story, you need to also tell why it is important. Just telling a fun or thrilling anecdote is great, but the listener will feel empty at the end. There needs to be a so-what?. Also, we should paint a picture for our listeners. There should be a sense of co-authorship when telling stories, because that is what makes it fun!

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