Turn A GIF Into A FIG

For this assignment I had to reverse a GIF. I thought it would be kinda funny to do something related to eating (and maybe kinda gross), so I went on giphy.com to try to find something. I found a great GIF of a hamster stuffing his cheeks with carrots. From there I took it over to ezgif.com to use their reversing tool. The process is actually really simple. You just upload the GIF you want to reverse and it’ll do it for you, then you just download the reversed GIF. And just like that, I had a hamster pulling carrots out of his mouth instead of eating them! It ended up rather comical.

2 Replies to “Turn A GIF Into A FIG”

  1. This was a great idea for creating a GIF backwards because it is funny practically watching the carrots appear while coming out of the hamster’s mouth.

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