Thoughts on The Vignelli Canon

Reading this was quite the eye opener for me as I am very new to design and this week has helped to show me so many things that I have never noticed. While exploring part one of the booklet, I realized these are the sort of backbones of design. The intangibles are aspects that without them, you have terrible design. So many of these things go into design that we take for granted every day such as subway maps. Visual power and intellectual elegance were two of the most impactful aspects in my opinion. Visual power draws the reader/viewer in and peaks their interest in what you are designing. Intellectual elegance keeps the viewer intrigued/amazed. Here you can really show off your intelligence when designing something and leave the viewer amazed. Part two is the secondary, but still necessary, part of design. This section involves the materials or practices of design. I believe these aspects are slightly less important than part one but still necessary. One thing that was super surprising to me was the paper A-sizes diagram on page 38. The grid section was also very interesting. I never realized that so much of the things we see day to day are built off of some sort of grid system. The way the letters were laid out on the grid made it very orderly and clean. I had no clue that was how they all fit together, and really makes a lot of sense when you think about it! Even though it was a little dated, I thought this reading was super helpful to my understanding of design principles. It gave me an appreciation for thinking about the design first, and laying it out second. It will definitely make my design blitz a lot easier and much more impactful.

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