Weekly Summary (Week 1)

This week was quite an eye opener when it came to digital storytelling. It was amazing to me how many outlets there were for telling stories and how great they all are.

  1. Setting up my domain and social media was one of the more fun parts of the week. I love getting new things so getting all these new accounts for us to use was very fun. The website made it very easy to select a domain and tie WordPress to it.
  2. Here is a link to my multimodal introduction post: http://wp.me/p8Stil-1f
  3. Customizing my blog was definitely one of the bigger highlights. Building a website and tailoring it to my interests was very fun to me. I got full control over how I want it to look and what will be where. Plus, it is always a work in progress so it will be ever-changing.
  4. Here is a link to my reflection about all of the photography material: http://wp.me/p8Stil-p
  5. Here is a link to my photo safari: http://wp.me/p8Stil-1j
  6. My photo reflection is tied in to my reflection about the photography material. See the link from #4.
  7. My reflection to the safari is in with the safari gallery. See the link from #5.
  8. Here is a link to my daily create page which has the 3 ones I did this week: http://smcsally.com/category/daily-create/
  9. Here is the link to my visual assignments page: http://smcsally.com/category/assignments/visual/
  10. I am kinda sad that this was the first topic of our session. As I said in my introduction, I love photography so this week was very fun for me. Taking pictures and sharing them was amazing. The weeks assignments were not difficult from a computational stand point but they definitely challenged me along with the quick pace. I learned some things through the articles that we had to look at so that was nice. The setup of all of this was very seamless. All of the websites we used made it very easy to get through everything. The only thing I really struggled with was making a youtube introduction, because I have never done any video related things before. But I’m guessing that will change as we move forward! I’m excited to see what is in store for next week but it will be hard to top this week!

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