Weekly Summary (Week 3)

This week was aimed at learning all about audio. From audio design to podcasts and radio we covered it all. To start this week off we looked at two of the greatest radio broadcasters to ever do it: Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad. Both of these men gave great tips on how to tell stories successfully and gave their opinion on why radio will never go away. You can check out my more in depth summary and analysis here.

Next we looked at a clip from the very popular TED Radio Hour. It was a segment on Sherry Turkle(a robotics expert), and the effects of introducing robots into society. I also checked out some episodes from Scott Lo’s Summer ds106 Zone class of 2013. Scott was a participant of DS106 and is a great radio presence who made daily episodes. You can check out my summary and analysis of both of those here.

Next, and maybe one of my highlights from this week, I listened to Moon Graffiti. This is a podcast episode from the Truth Podcast. It was an amazing example of how using background tracks in radio or storytelling can make it that much more effective. By using your voice to steer the listeners image in their head, it creates an experience. But when you add background tracks to this, it is that much more effective for creating suspense or happiness or fear. Check out that analysis here.

The first audio assignment I did this week was to take a song and make it 800% slower. This was a SUPER interesting assignment because I really didn’t have any thoughts going into it. I was just kinda doing it. But when I heard the result it had a profound impact on me. The strength and power of the orchestra was amazing. Check that out here.

The next assignment I did was to take a song, reverse it, and see if anyone could guess it. This was a fun assignment to do because after I reversed it, if I didn’t know what the original was, I probably could not have guessed! Listen here.

The third assignment for the week was the required one. I had to choose multiple sound effects and make them in to a story. For this one, I chose to recreate a childhood memory that I cherish. Read about that and listen here.

The final assignment I did this week was to make a mix tape. The day I made it, it was rather gloomy and I was kinda down so I made a mix tape to reflect that mood. Listen here and enjoy!

Here are my 4 daily creates from this week:

As I was browsing around on other peoples’ blogs this week I found a lot of us had the same ideas. But a couple people brought up interesting perspectives that I had not seen. These posts helped me to rethink some of the stuff I was talking about and change things up. In addition, I saw that a lot of people had not used screenshots in their posts and from personal use, audacity is a lot easier with screenshots so I proposed that maybe they include those. One super useful comment that someone left me this week came from Leni W. She told me that I should include a track list for my mix tape assignment so I changed my post to have a track list!

Although this week was my least favorite so far, I still learned so much. At the beginning of the week I learned all about storytelling and radio and what kind of experience it creates with the listener. It creates something that is intangible and that is why radio will be around for a while. I also learned a lot about audio production and using tools like Audacity. There is an endless amount of features in that program and I just scratched the surface. I feel like I completed my assignments very well, however they were quite challenging. Not in the technical sense but the storytelling sense. I really could not decide what story I wanted to tell with each assignment. But in the end I think it ended up working out. One thing I would definitely do differently is make a couple mix tapes. Although they are long, after a couple listen-throughs they get repetitive. If I had a couple to listen to they would be much more enjoyable. With that said, I really didn’t run into a lot of issues with Audacity. It is a very large program with tons of features but the basic functions are very easy to use. I think this week was the least interesting to me just out of its nature. Don’t get me wrong, I love music and podcasts, but I love photos and video that much more. Taking photos and making videos is so much more interesting to me than making a podcast. With that said, I learned so many vitals skills this week that will definitely be used moving forward. Can’t wait for next week!

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