Weekly Summary (Week 5)

As this course comes to a close, I am here to do a little reflection. This course was rather difficult for me as I don’t classify myself as an overly creative person. However, this class did push me to get those creative juices flowing and put out some great content. I would say, for sure, the most difficult week for me was the audio week. I really had not done much storytelling before then, especially audio storytelling so that was rather challenging. My favorite week was definitely the photography week because I love photography. I think the most important skill I learned was all the programs that we used. Before this class, I only really used Photoshop, but after this class I have many new tools that I can add to my arsenal. If I had to take this class over, I would definitely focus more on the daily creates. I just kinda went through each week, completing the daily creates, but not really thinking about it as I did it. It was almost involuntary, but as I look back, I see that some of them had great themes that could have been applied to my work or even every day life. Overall, this class was a challenge for me but a challenge that was graciously accepted. It helped me to grow as an artist and as a person. It gave me a deeper appreciation for many forms of media, especially radio and the impact they can have on other people. I had a great time and can’t wait to check out what people did for their final assignments!

As for my final assignment, you can check that out here.

And here is my tutorial for how I made that assignment.

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